16 September, 2014

"District 13" review

Genre: Action, Martial Arts,
Starring: Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle, Dany Verissimo, Bibi Naceri, Tony D'Amario, Fran├žois Chattot, Nicolas Woirion, Patrick Olivier, Samir Guesmi, Jeff Rudom,
Year Of Release: 2004 (France)
Certificate: 15 (UK)
Runtime: 86 Minutes
Director: Pierre Morel
Synopsis: "Set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb." IMDB

It's now 2010 (being released 6 years prior) and the ghetto in Paris called District 13 has now became one of the most dangerous places in France, possibly Europe. The government has completely given upon on the borough and left its inhabitants to get on with their own devices. 

When an incredibly dangerous government issued missile is stolen by a gang member in District 13, go to super-cop Damien (Raffaelli) has to convince imprisoned District 13 resident Leito (Belle) to team up him. Their task, save the District from a bomb that will cause catastrophic damage. Both men are BAD ASS to say the least, not only are they tougher than most they are also experts in Parkour (a training discipline created by David Belle himself).

The opening 25 minutes are some of the most enjoyable cinema I have seen in a while, it's like a wonderful mix of Asian and European martial arts styles, you have the brilliantly choreographed fights scenes and perfectly executed Parkour thanks in no part to Belle and Raffaelli's expertise.

The whole film is a pure andreline ride penned by one of this generations greats Luc Besson the brilliant man behind "Transporter" franchise and "Leon" so you know he writing will be a nice mix of Action & Comedy. Also when you're watching the film you know they stunts are doing without CGI and it really shows in the end product, there is some action sequences in which you will physically gasp, a couple near the beginning with Leito on the run.

The film itself can be broken down into three chapters I guess, the first being pure action filled thrill ride, the second would be character development, while the third is very plot heavy. I for one really enjoyed the film as a whole, wasn't the best acting at times, however that is hardly a complaint when the film is an adrenaline thrill ride like this.


13 September, 2014

Steven S. DeKnight talks "Daredevil" show

In the past couple of days we have learnt that we are set to get more details about the "Daredevil" TV Show at the upcoming New York Comic Con, is there a more befitting place really? However, show-runner Steven S. DeKnight has jumped the gun a little bit and gave us a lovely little update, here it is;
"With this version of Daredevil," he explains, "we wanted it to be grounded, gritty, as realistic as we could portray. That naturally fits in with the Daredevil character. Matt Murdock, on a regular basis, would get the shit beat out of him. That's one thing that makes him a great character. He's not super strong. He's not invulnerable. In every aspect, he's a man that's just pushed himself to the limits, he just has senses that are better than a normal humans. He is human. The other thing that really drew me to this character is that he's one of the most morally grey of the heroes... He's a lawyer by day, and he's taken this oath. But every night he breaks that oath, and goes out and does very violent things."

"The image that always stuck in my mind was the Frank Miller Elektra run where he's holding Bullseye over the street," DeKnight continues, "and he lets Bullseye go because he doesn't want Bullseye to ever kill anyone again. When I read that originally, when I was young, I'd never seen anything like that in comics. Superman scoops up the villain and puts them in jail. This time the hero didn’t do that. It was a morally grey ground that I found absolutely fascinating. There are two sides to this character. He's literally one bad day away from becoming the The Punisher!"

12 September, 2014

TNT planning live action Teen Titans?

Yes, you read that correctly TNT are working on a live action series based on the hugely popular comic book team Teen Titans (Titans or New Teen Titans to some). This comes as a bit of a shock considering how well CW are doing with their DC world, you'd imagine if any network was to put a Teen Titans show into production it would be them, seems like TNT have beat them to the punch.

"The action series centers on Dick Grayson," the outlet writes, "who emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new Super Heroes including Starfire, Raven and many others."

 Does anybody else think this would be better suited on CW along with already exisitng "Arrow" and "Flash" and the recently talked about "Supergirl". Along with them three shows and this potentially, they could build a DC world to rival the world they're attempting to build in film.

James McAvoy is going bald???

Don't worry ladies or gentlemen if so inclined, Mr. McAvoy is merely talking about the future of the "X-Men" franchise. In a recent interview with Huffington Post he has been speaking about the future of X-Men.

"I'll be older in this one" McAvoy says, before continuing with "I think I'm losing my hair finally".

Theo James taking over the "Underworld" franchise

It looks as though Theo James is heading back to the "Underworld" franchise, The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Theo is set to return to the franchise. He was previously seen in the fourth instalment in the film "Underworld: Awakening", he is set to reprise his role as David in the recently announced reboot. Which now seems a lot more like a continuation of the pre-existing franchise, James' character is set to take the lead along with two females whom as of now have yet to be cast.

"John Wick" trailer is here, does Keanu still have it?

Lionsgate have released a trailer for their upcoming Action/Thriller "John Wick" starring Keanu Reeves, Bridget Moynahan, Adrianne Palicki, Willem Dafoe, Jason Isaacs and Bridget Regan.

The film is about;
"A former hit man is pursued by an old friend who was contracted to kill him." IMDB

Stupidly over the top Action? Keanu Reeves? The beautiful Adrianne Palicki? COUNT ME IN!!!

08 September, 2014

Thors Hammer (Mjolnir) now reads...

I know this isn't Movie/TV new, however I think this is pretty amazing news. I know this revamp has caused some uproar, however, GET OVER IT! It's happening no matter what you fan boys say, just deal with it, it progression Thor will be male again sooner or later.

Mjolnir now reads;

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if SHE be worthy, shall possess the power of… THOR"