02 September, 2015

San Andreas review

Genre: Action, Adventure, Disaster.
Starring: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Art Parkinson, Ioan Grufford, Paul Giamatti, Archie Panjabi.
Year Of Release: 2015
Certificate: 12A (UK) PG13 (US)
Runtime: 114 Minutes
Director: Brad Peyton
Synopsis: "In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in order to rescue his daughter." IMDB

It feels like wherever you turn today in the movie world The Rock is showing his face, which is not a bad thing he is a very enjoyable actor I find. I have been enjoying his work since I first seen him in "The Mummy Returns" when I was 11/12 already loving him from his time in WWF.

Disaster films usually tend to all follow the same tropes, San Andreas is no different in that aspect they follow the tropes, "damsel" in distress, children in danger, over the top destruction and comedic retorts in deathly situations. Even though it buys into all the usual tropes, it doesn't take away from the film, director Brad Peyton chose to focus on characters as well as the destruction, without trying to make the film something it isn't. It stays very true to its destructive route which is the real reason we all watch these type of films and it does not disappoint in nearly destroying the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
Some of the visuals really are beautifully destructive!
The films relies a LOT of CGI as you would expect, for the most part there is a some beautiful visuals, I found some of the effects to by abysmal like something you would expect if watching a film from 2/3 decades ago. Plus the use of poor green screens is eminent in many scenes, they stand out in their awfulness in scenes in which Johnson and Gugino's characters are sailing through the city. There are some incredible visuals though, none that I will be specific about as to not ruin them for viewers who are yet to see them.

The ensemble cast of Johnson, Gugino, Daddario, Guffard and Giamatti amongst others were a nice combination, let's be honest though it's an action film getting "The Rock" to star in it is like avoiding Christopher Mintz-Plasse like the plague, it just makes sense! The entire of the cast were great in their roles, my only complaints come from getting people to put on accents that they just don't sound right at all Guffard has a wonderful accent his attempt at American was poor, the same I found with Parkinson and Johnstone-Burt, what is the point in getting an Irish kid and an Aussie to play accents not natural to them. It is something that I have always been annoyed by, especially when the accents break constantly throughout film. My other "complaint" isn't really a complaint, it is the fact that whenever I see Giamatti I think he suits NO role yet still delivers with every role, my brain just doesn't understand it! ha. All that being said, I will watch ANYTHING that has Daddario in, not only is she a brilliantly talented and incredibly beautiful, I may actually be in love! I'll have to stop here on Miss Daddario before this turns into a love letter aimed at her.
Those eyes!!!
The film was very well paced, it doesn't get itself caught up in trying to tell us the story of the world while this is all going on it. It is straight to the point of being a sect of America, plus the action really gets under way within the first twenty minutes when the Hoover Dam comes crashing down. From then on the film has a nice pace and focus on both characters and the real reason we're all watching to see stuff crumble!

Overall, the film was a thoroughly enjoyable popcorn flick, the film is stunning to look at for the most part and the characters are enjoyable in their own way. However the story is very predictable as you would expect from many films within this genre, but that doesn't make the film any less enjoyable let's be honest is it really possible to not enjoy The Rock being The Rock? He's a total bad ass in pretty much everything he does, this is no exception. While the film will not be out winning awards, it will give you a solid two hours (nearly) of enjoyment without really having to concentrate on the story. This is my first ever .5 rating, it wasn't a 6 but it wasn't a 7, but I don't really know why the film just wasn't either so I had to switch up ratings a little.

26 August, 2015

MY dream Marvel Phase 4

After the release of Ant-Man this Summer we will be concluding Phase 2 of the MCU, I decided to look forward to what I would love to see in the future after Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 & 2. After the events of those films we will be entering Phase 4, so here is what I would like to see happen during this "phase". Along with the characters I would like to see in the next phase, also, I will put up my ideal casting (current actors) even though the films will not happen for another 5+ years, I just LOVE fancasting if I am honest. The list will not be in any sort of order, just names as I spin them off from my head. This is NOT a list of what I expect to happen, this is just a list of what I would like to see. Would LOVE to know your "dream Phase 4" either drop a comment or hit us up on Twitter with who you would pick for yours.

Captain Britain

This is the ultimate dream idea for me, Captain Britain is a thoroughly enjoyable character, originally designed as the British equivalent of Captain America. While some have always seen Captain Britain as a bit of a joke, I can assure you, some of us Brits love him. It's super bad ass that we got out own slice of the Marvel pie (he is not the only one), however for me, he is one of the better British characters. My ideal actor to play Brian Braddock, would be Charlie Hunnam, huge fan of his work, can see him being a pretty bad ass Captain Britain.

I'd love to see the "Captain Britain and MI-13" arc by Paul Cornell from 2008 adapted to the big screen. I read it last Summer and it revived my love of Braddock, I'd like to think a lot of British fans of the MCU and the books would like to see this arc included in the future of the franchise.
 (There is talk Cap B, being part of X-Men universe so owned by Fox, would love confirmation if anybody knows either way, thanks in advance).

Captain America 4
For me, the best way to progress Captain America in the MCU, would be a widely unpopular choice I imagine and that is to have Steve Rogers killed off in Infinity War Part 1 or 2, having Bucky step up to fill his shoes. After Bucky takes over for Steve, I think he should go solo in Phase 4, most people will know Sebastian Stan signed a multi picture deal rumoured to be 9 films, already featuring in Cap 1, Cap 2 and filming Cap 3 (time of writing). So he has a good amount left on his contract, plus after reading some issues in which he takes over after Steve's death in the comics, I can really see even the more casual comic film fan enjoying Bucky taking over.

I'd like to see the "Madbomb" arc from King Jack Kirby himself adapted for Bucky, I know it is Cap and Falcon however pretty simple to tweak it a bit to have Bucky and Falcon teaming up to save America. While the stories started off brilliant towards the end they fell off a bit, but there is so much to take from that arc I think would be perfect on the big screen.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3
I recently started reading the Marvel NOW latest version of Guardians Of The Galaxy I have completely fell in love with this team. The sooner this team gets on the big screen the better, and now with Sony open to Marvel using their purchased properties, there is a big possibility that Agent Venom can also join the team. My dream Guardians team up would be, Groot, Rocket Racoon, Gamora, Drax, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Agent Venom and Adam Warlock (who would actually be Star-Lords Dad). All returning cast, with Yvonne Strahovski as Captain Marvel, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) as Adam Warlock and Travis Fimmel as Agent Venom.

I will be honest I have read VERY little Guardians, before the film was even announced I wasn't even aware of them. Since the film though I have read some stuff, personal favourite is "Cosmic Avengers" by Bendis, McNiven and Pichelli. It's a very fun arc which I could see James Gunn doing perfectly if he were to make the third instalment, which should NOT be called "vol 3".

Thor 4
Some may dislike this idea, it is a character that conjures up many arguments, I will just say that this newly revised female Thor is outselling the previous Thor by 30%, proof in itself that she is vastly popular. I have read a fair share of the comics myself while very different to what I was used to it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. With the release of Captain Marvel in 2018 and Wonder Woman in 2017 I think we will finally get to see female characters given the screentime they deserve, plus after this years "Mad Max Fury Road" we have been given further proof that females can be equal and even more badass than their male counterparts. Personally I wouldn't choose the route they went in the comics and use the character they used, personally I'd pick Lady Sif to take over and have Jaimie Alexander continue the role.

With this character being so young, I decided to choose a Thor arc I particularity enjoyed I not so long ago read the Surtur Saga and couldn't put it down. I'd be a happy camper if we ever got to see that arc adapted to the big screen even with my complaints of Loki in recent times, I would put that all aside to see this wonderful arc by Walt Simonson which is possibly in my top 10 arcs of all time.

Spider-Man & Daredevil
This is a team up I have been dying to see since I was extremely young, I have loved Spidey since, well I couldn't even pinpoint a time I haven't dreamt about these two joining forces. As for actors I 100% back Charlie as Matt, he was superb in the first season of "Daredevil" and willing to give Tom Holland the benefit of the doubt, personal favourite choice would be Dylan O'Brien though. That being said I am excited to see Holland take on the role.

Let's be honest ANY arc in which Spidey & Daredevil team up to take down Kingpin, this is all I have wanted in the comic world.

Iron Man (barely) 4
I know this one is kind of obvious, but I feel like this is the perfect way forward for the franchise. Ty was introduced in Iron Man 3 as you all will know. I said the second I seen it that he will be Iron Man in the future, now that Simpkins is becoming a huge name Jurassic World & Insidious I can see it even more. Not sure if I see Tony stepping down or dying, I just see it making sense that Ty's character take over the mantel of Iron Man.

As for the story, really hard to say, I do not want a reusing of a previous Iron Man arc from the books (not that I am familiar with any late teen Stark arcs?). I'd rather see a completely original story used in this.

Avengers 4 (2 parts)
A vs X style story, leading into having X-Men back in the MCU for Phase 5.

Avengers consist of Cap, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Skye, Cap Britain, Daredevil, Spidey and new Iron Man.

X-Men consist of Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Mystique, Rogue and Gambit.

That seems like a LOT of characters I know, but this stroy-arc needs a good amount of members as the book cover shows. It's a fun run, if you haven't read it I recommend it. This would be the perfect way of bringing the entire Marvel back under one banner. May be a strange way to start off a world after such a story, but I can see it bringing in a lot of fans into the MCU that aren't already here (if there is many left), it may come across as a similar approach to Captain America Civil War in the way it's clashing the heroes. That being said I can see this being Civil War and that bit more on the big screen, in the book form Civil War is better I just see A vs X making a brilliant film maybe even better than Civil War translation to the big screen.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D season 8 - yes you read that correctly, in my dream Phase 4 "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D" is still alive I absolutely adore the show and can't really imagine not having it on my television weekly! By this point I'd like to see the show have a bit of shake up, more "powered" people in the team hunting down bad "powered" people.

Punisher - An origin story (prequel), build on his appearance in "Daredevil" to would have to recast Jon unfortunately while I doubt he will be anything but brilliant. I'd like to see Frank becoming Punisher told on the small screen. (Art by BossLogic)

Black Widow - Even a Netflix prequel movie, show us what the whole "Budapest" reference is all about. Obviously right now I would love to bring back Johannson. If not a Widow show I could definitely see a Widow/Hawkeye team up. (Art by SG Posters)

Blade - This is a MUST at some point in the future of the MCU especially after Marvel got the rights back I can't see a reason to why Blade should not be rebooted into the MCU. As it currently stands John Boyega has interest in playing the character so he is obviously the go to guy, he's British and young too BIG pluses for the future of Blade I think.

19 August, 2015

The Dragon's Loyalty Award

Going to start by saying HONOURED to be nominated for this by the lovely Alicja who runs "Reel Red Reviews", been doing this for a few years now and this is my first nomination (I believe unless somebody has failed to inform me ha) so this is super cool!

If you wish to demonstrate loyalty to dragons you must:
♤ Display the award on your blog
♤ Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you
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♤ Write seven things about yourself

Here are my 15 blogs that I think deserve the award and MUCH more, picking just 15 is hard I follow on Twitter so many wonderful movie related pages, if you are not picked it does not mean I don't love your page. That being said if you are on the list, do not feel like you have to post it, just want to show my love! Anyway here we go, here are my 15;

Seven Things;
I'm not sure there is two interesting things about me, never mind seven...
1 - My main passion in the movie world is Horror films, there has been MANY times over the years doing blogging I have considered becoming just a Horror based site. Went against it, I don't regret that at all, that being said I will more than likely be adding a "Horror corner" to the site, to focus on the genre.
2 - I am from Liverpool, England but I despise "The Beatles", people tend to expect the opposite I just can't get into them at all. Plus the assumption around the World (Europe my experiences) people instantly assume you know every detail about the band. It irks me a lot ha.
3 - I am a HUGE Everton fan, you know Football the real one ;) I joke I love American Football too (Saints fan), I am a LONG suffering fan of Everton being we haven't won a damn thing in my entire time supporting them. Starting to think I may be bad luck!
4 - My goal in life is to publish at least on novel before I die, I have started and stopped on more ideas than I would like to admit. One day though I would love to have my name in print, if that doesn't happen I can say with certainty that I will be releasing my work in ebook form. I adore the medium of writing, I find solace in either my fingers clicking away at the keys or putting pen to paper.
5 - I plan to cover a fair portion on my body in tattoos, I have thousands of ideas rolling around of what I want. I can say I will have two sleeves, one will be childhood loves other not sure, one leg "sleeve" or is it called "pants leg" oh I don't know ha, that will be dedicated to Horror. Plus an entire back piece which as it stands I'm considering dedicating to my lovely city.
6 - I don't rate Wes Anderson in the slightest as a director, I sometimes genuinely believe his success is all an elaborate prank that is being played on me. I watched "Grand Budapest Hotel" a while back and I genuinely found it to be one of the worst films I have ever seen and I have seen in excess of 1,000. I found it that bad I didn't do a review because the idea of reliving it just to write a review angered me ha. I can not wait for the day it is unveiled that the "Wes Anderson prank" is over!
7 - I was very self-conscious about writing seven things about myself, but I am not slightly embarrassed to say I actually very much enjoyed waffling on about myself ha. It's a nice break from talking about the world of acting and what not and talk about something "real" if that makes sense. I know it doesn't but in my kooky little brain it kind of does.

06 August, 2015

A Dozen Summers review

Genre: Family, Comedy, Drama.
Starring: Kenton Hall, Scarlet Hall, Hero Hall, Colin Baker, Sarah Warren, Ewen MacIntosh.
Year Of Release: 2015
Certificate: PG (UK)
Runtime: 81 Minutes
Director: Kenton Hall
Synopsis: "Maisie and Daisy McCormack are two ordinary 12-year-olds finding their way through life in the 21st century. Oh, and they may have just hijacked a movie." IMDB

A Dozen Summers is like no other film I have seen, in no way is that a bad thing at all, Kenton Hall who wrote, directed and starred in the film (what a busy man!) really captured the essence of teenage life here in Britain. The film didn't shy away from real life issues which was a pleasant surprise in such a family based comedy, the film is as much a children's film as it is an adults film also, there is enough to satisfy everybody even the elders dragged along by their kids to see it. 

The film uses all the narratives we see in cinema be it flash forwards, voice overs, alternate takes, you get a full range of these used in aiding the imagination of the sisters. The voice over done by the wonderfully talented Doct I mean Colin Baker is used as a clever plot device to allow the girls to jump ship on the current scene to a more interesting point, which I found a very enjoyable thing to watch. The entire film just has a silly vibe about it, while sticking to real life issues we all witness be it divorce or bullying, the social issues touched on in the film are very real but done in such a way you feel them but you are also able to giggle through them. 
The cast was wonderfully picked in my opinion the twin sisters who lead the film were brilliantly funny in their repartee sometimes lost on siblings in films however these two being twins obviously it really helped their little arguments about where to take their film. Director Kenton Hall also featured in the film as the twins dad Henry, who is like every modern day dad spouting his witty little dad jokes. It is always nice to see British talent being showcased and that is exactly what happens in this film for me I found it a nice break to get back to seeing young actors making their name for themselves. Plus it is always a wonderful treat to hear a true legend of the screen like Colin Baker who brings a air of Hollywood to the film, great addition to any cast.

While some will argue there is some issues with the film, I for one would say look past the minor glitches, the small budget and the fact the films story is not on a typical linear track. The film doesn't pander to the audience explaining this and that about why the girls are able to do what they do. It's just "accept it and enjoy" which I thought was a nice touch, from the get go you're thrown in the deep end of the magnificent decision by the director to use all the tropes possible for the sheer enjoyment of the viewer. There is a few moments in which the acting falls off, but that happens even at all levels of film, so hardly enough to take aim at this film in particular.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed "A Dozen Summers" it was a wonderful coming of age comedy drama, reminiscent of a show I watched in my younger years called "Tracy Beaker" it will take you back to your youth and help you remember all the silly things you got up to at that age with your friends. The film is a nice feel-good comedy in the modern time of gritty realism, so if you're feeling like a good time filled with laughs and relatable antics most definitely check this out. While the film is aimed at children I think this will be a bigger hit with the parents than the younger viewers, lots of references to older films and even a hilarious homage/parody to the chess scene from "The Seventh Seal". A truly wonderful feature debut from director Kenton Hall I am looking forward to seeing what else he has in store in the future.

29 July, 2015

Ant-Man review

Genre: Action, Comedy, Superhero, Science Fiction, Adventure.
Starring: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, Tip "T.I." Harris, Anthony Mackie, Wood Harris, Judy Greer, David Dastmalchian.
Year Of Release: 2015
Certificate: 12A (UK) PG13 (US)
Runtime: 117 Minutes
Director: Peyton Reed
Synopsis: "Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world." IMDB

12 films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe can Marvel keep up their stellar track record? 

Lets start off with the cast, when the film was nearing production there was talk of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd being favourites for the lead role of Scott Lang, to me both were laughable ideas for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Boy was I WRONG, Paul Rudd as Scott Lang may be my favourite casting in the entire MCU, he was brilliant be it from dropping the typical Rudd jokes we're used to or actually portraying real emotion when talking about his daughter. Not only was Rudd a brilliant call, I loved the entire cast, Michael Peña was absolutely hilarious, he even rivalled Rudd in his comedic ability, Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket was also another inspired choice I mean everybody in this film was spot on in my opinion. Then we have Douglas and Lilly, who had some a wonderful father and daughter dynamic that just felt so real.

Now we have the visuals even in the modern day of the height of CG it is a bit of a baffling thought to imagine seeing a man running around underground with ants and it to not look stupid. However as ALWAYS ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) delivered some truly stunning visuals. I don't want to pick out specific scenes, because really they all stand out in their brilliance seeing him shift from man size to ant size in the blink of an eye is like something straight from the page of a book. There is also two scenes towards the end of the film I know you guys and girls will love they involve an ant and Thomas The Tank Engine (not that part from the trailer, it's even better). Marvel have done it yet again, delivered some stunning effects as they continue to do.
Image courtesy of www.Marvel.com
Onto the story, while it is not going to win awards for originality, the story was very fun I thought. Even though Edgar Wright left the project, you could still feel some of his comedic styling in the film, I'd like to know if Tomas The Tank Engine was his idea, feels like a very silly British approach to humour. While the point of the film is not primarily meant to be a comedy, however having Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Paul Rudd and Adam McKay write the script you should expect a fair few giggles and this doesn't disappoint in that sense. The film is filled with laughs, action, nods to the MCU and even heart strings pulling scenes.

The film touches on some subjects that really hit home for me, which was a nice change of pace for a superhero film. I mean we all want to relate to superheroes in our own way, I just think this felt more relatable the whole Hank and Hope relationship was wonderfully done by Douglas and Lilly, if these types of performances continue I can see an actor/actress getting an oscar nom for their work on a superhero film. Great times ahead for us "nerds" yay!
Image courtesy of www.Marvel.com
Overall, I absolutely LOVED Ant-Man it's very different from the rest of the MCU but exactly the same in some aspects. I will be straight up, I expected this to be easily the worst in Phase 2, I'd say joint second with Winter Soldier after Age Of Ultron for me and I know I gave Winter Soldier a 10 and this a 9, but I still think they are equally as good as each other if that makes sense? No, it doesn't not even to me, but I stand by it. Plus this gets massive bonus points for a certain reference to a friendly neighbourhood somebody :p. Hard to believe that Marvel have delivered again with a character hardly known outside comic readers, they have kicked ass with both Ant-Man and Guardians, here is to the future of the MCU!